Creating an equitable future of work by empowering those that build it.

We believe that employees are at the center of workplace culture. We help you build, engage, and grow your employee resource groups and measure the impact of your programming on employee experience, sentiment, and engagement.

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Amplify your community, together.

Easily collaborate within your company and outside of your company to build the community you want at scale. We take the overhead from you to focus on what matters most, your community.


Simple & Approachable Workflow

Create events in a breeze whether you want to create your own, use our templates, or collaborate on publicly hosted events with other companies. We also make sure you never miss a beat on managing your community budgets.

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Make meaningful connections across companies

Whether you want to meet other employee community leaders or simply find a peer, Joyn allows your tap into the community or make one-to-one connections for shared learning, resources, and best practices.

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Measure your impact

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Understand the impact of your community on employee engagement and sentiment to determine the most impactful events, resources, benefits, and more.

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Tap into resources

Find resources to help you start a community, make a business proposal, or simply find a speaker within your budget. Whether Joyn-provided or crowdsourced, you'll find the resources that work for you.

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Integrations that meet you where you are


How we help employee-led communities succeed

Program Management

We make it easy

to manage your community from day one.

Resource Marketplace

Whether you're looking for a speaker in your budget or a template, we got you.

Employee Sentiment

Always keep a

pulse on how the community is doing and its impact.

Expand and connect

Grow connections within and outside of the company allowing for shared learning.

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible
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