Your Co-Pilot that runs operations for you.

No more coordinating across disparate tools or chasing people to do the work, Joyn takes care of it.

Gain operational oversight without the overhead

Real-Time Footprints

We automatically detect what work is being done tied to outcomes you care about so you can easily identify what the status is, what's blocked, and what needs attention

End-to-end automated
Interoperable with the tools you use today

Instant Context

Skip the status meetings and Slack check-ins by asking Joyn anything you need to know about an outcome or initiative you care about.

Can be queried anywhere you work today
Provides instant information and context
Allows you to move to taking action faster

Drop the admin

No more endless slack reminders to assign tasks and make sure they're being done, or stitching of information between tools. We automatically detect repetitive work and do it for you.

Automated detection of repetitive tasks
Adapts to people's preferences and working styles

Get more value from your tools

Connect your tools, connect your teams. Orchestrate where people do their best work today!
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We're backed by exceptional partners

Meet the Founders

Over the past 9 years of working together we always shared a passion - to create better workplaces. Starting with how we bring ourselves to work, the culture we build, and teams we create. Our goal is to help create companies employees love.

Larissa Licha

CEO and Co-Founder
"The future of work is about more than just productivity. It's about creating a workplace where people feel valued, respected, and supported"

Kendra Wilkins

CPO and Co-Founder
"You know those work days when you sign off and think to yourself ‘Wow, we crushed that’ - I want us all to have more of those days."

Our Commitments

We worked on our values before starting Joyn and now we're putting them into action. We believe values are more than words on a page - they're daily actions that inform how we make decisions and hold each other accountable.
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People First

We believe that we can only succeed as a collective and foster collaboration to achieve our goals.
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Growth Mindset

We believe in constant learning, iteration and improving ourselves and invest in each other’s growth.
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Lead with Integrity

We prioritize honesty, fairness, transparency, and welcome diverse viewpoints and backgrounds.
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Innovate for Impact

We value creativity and encourage new ideas that have a meaningful impact on our teams and customers.

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