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We make work suck less.

Joyn organizes the operational chaos for you. Instantly know what’s happening and drop repetitive work so you can focus on work that matters.

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Not another tool

We seamlessly integrate with where you work today.

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Built for and by operators

We scale operator expertise to strengthen every team.

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Be proactive, not reactive

Know when to take action before it costs you.

Built-in security

We know keeping your data safe is a top priority. We build company-specific knowledge graphs and LLMs where data stays within your walls and you're always in full control of what is being tracked.

Data that stays yours

Knowledge graphs are specifically built for you so context stays within your walls.

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You're in control

We only track what you want us to track and you can always adjust your controls.

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Encryption by default

We encrypt your data from day one to make sure that your data is safe.

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AI with a human loop

You tell us what matters and what doesn't. Our AI is built to work for you.

Meet the Founders

Over the past 9 years of working together we always shared a passion - to create better workplaces. We not only want companies to be able to tap into operational excellence but also create workplaces where employees do the work they love.


Larissa Licha
CEO and Co-Founder

"The future of work is about more than just productivity. It's about allowing any company and team to focus on work that matters"

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Kendra Wilkins
COO and Co-Founder

"Company operations are complicated and our time is limited. We want to spend more time working on the business vs. in the business."

Our Commitments

We worked on our values before starting Joyn and now we're putting them into action. We believe values are more than words on a page - they're daily actions that inform how we make decisions and hold each other accountable.

People First

We believe that we can only succeed as a collective and foster collaboration to achieve our goals.

Growth Mindset

We believe in constant learning, iteration and improving ourselves and invest in each other’s growth.

Lead with Integrity

We prioritize honesty, fairness, transparency, and welcome diverse viewpoints and backgrounds.

Innovate for Impact

We value creativity and encourage new ideas that have a meaningful impact on our teams and customers.

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