We help employees build the communities they need.

Accelerating your diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging efforts through community.

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Program Management

Easily manage your events, members, benefits, and budgets in one place. Understand what's working and what isn't by tracking employee engagement and sentiment.

With Joyn, you won't ever find yourself in a last-minute rush to organize an event or understand what resonates.

Drive change from within

Trying to propose a new community, additional budget, or a new company benefit? We help you navigate internally to get leadership and stakeholder buy-in.

Whether through templates, consulting, or by learning from others in the community, Joyn will help you find what you're looking for to set you up for success.

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Meets you where you are

We integrated with key platforms to make sure that we can reach your community where they already spend their time. Whether you're using Slack, Google Calendar, Zoom, Google Meet, or something else, we make sure we're integrated with the platforms that matter to you.


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Shared Learning

Find recommended speakers, activities, resources, and events vetted by the community leaders like you and make meaningful 1:1 connections. 

Don't have an event planned yet? See whether you can collaborate with other companies.

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