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Joyn-ing our DEI and ERG Leader community

We believe that the future of work is built inside out through strategies that put employee voice and experience at the center. We also believe that Employee Resource Group (ERG) and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) leaders are the keepers of these cultures that move organizations from awareness to action to accountability in order to create equitable work environments.

Why community?

There is a big gap in support when it comes to those leading diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the workplace. And that gap continues to impact burnout, turnover, and productivity. One of the biggest challenges? We feel like we are on an island. We are balancing the pressure to deliver with a lack of resources. And if you are part of an under-represented group (and many ERGs and DEI leaders are), you are often doing all this on top of the stress, pressure, and expectations that come along with ‘representing’ your group and educating the majority.

“I don’t want to be the person that has to do the education. I’m not going to teach anyone CRT [Critical Race Theory] that is my CEO.” — DEI Leader for Global Payments Company

The work these leaders are doing is critical to workplace belonging and culture. We are here to create a community of ERG and DEI leaders to help foster connection, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. We know building a community is hard, we want this space to be a resource for us all to come together, ask questions, and learn from each others’ experiences.

Our mission

Empower ERG and DEI leaders by reducing the overhead and amplifying their impact on belonging in the workplace through community, tools, and resources.

What is the Joyn community?

A community of ERG and DEI leaders created to help foster connection, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. We use this space to learn for each other so we don't have to constantly feel like we are reinventing the wheel when it comes to DEI and ERG programming.

Our members join this community to connect with others and find support through:

👍🏾 Feedback

Sharing our perspectives and experiences as different community members look for feedback and advice relevant to their communities and programming. We can pose questions and expect open and honest dialog with our peers to help us gain new perspectives.

🤝 Knowledge Sharing

ERGs have existed since the 1960s but we know a lot has changed about how ERG and DEI programming works today. As we have worked to build our respective communities we have likely learned from the challenges of navigating stakeholders, planning and coordinating events, and managing our budgets. This is a space to share those learnings and learn from others.

💯 Crowdsourcing Ideas

Need an idea for an event? Have an idea for an event? Looking for feedback on a new piece of content? Share with the community to brainstorm ways to bring your idea to life. This community is filled with creative and innovative leaders representing different communities and perspectives - ask them what they think!

How do I join?

Learn more about our community and request to join by sharing your LinkedIn and relevant email. You can also invite other ERG and DEI leaders you know to join the community by adding them to our waitlist.

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