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Our Journey as Co-Founders


Kendra & Larissa met at work


Founded a mental health employee resource group


Founded Joyn to help companies scale their culture efforts




The Future of Work is now.

We believe in elevating those that build culture by equipping them with the resources, tools, and data they need to succeed.


Meet the Co-Founders 
Kendra & Larissa

We've worked together for over 8 years and culture has always been integral to what we do. Having faced inequities: from lower pay and bonus cuts to getting interrupted and spoken over in meetings, we always hoped to be a positive force in building better cultures. Together we founded a mental health employee resource group that not only shifted culture but benefits and policies as well. We partnered with DEI Teams to improve how we hired and grew talent to create a better present and future. But doing this on top of our roles, and the ongoing uphill battle of convincing the C-Suite, wasn't easy.

We realized we weren't alone. Those driving culture face significant challenges. More than anything, we want to empower those that build culture and amplify their work so they can move towards the systemic change their workplace needs.

Our Commitments


Equity shapes all parts of the organization; how we hire and grow our teams, the board members we select, the investment we take, and the software we build. We establish checks and balances and take action when we don’t live up to our commitments.

People at
the center

We believe companies are only as good as the environment they create for both their employees and customers. We create environments where we center their voices to ensure they shape who we are as a company and how we serve our customers.

Lead with accountability

We’re accountable to achieve our mission to shape companies employees love and are responsible for the success of our employees and customers.

Impact over

We have a relentless commitment to our “Why” to have the impact we want to see in the world. We lead with trust in getting there without obsessing over the how.

Our Board

image 76.png

Nick LaRoche
DEI Lead

mariekare 1.png

Marie Kare
3x ERG Lead


Jim Marcmin

Mental Health & Disability ERG Lead


Amanda Guy
Black ERG Lead


Ready to join us and create an equitable workplace culture?

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