Transforming Workplaces,

We've built employee communities from the ground up and have seen both the challenges of running them and the impact they can have. We're here to reduce the overhead to scale your impact.

This Is How We Started



met each other at work


Founded mental health employee resource group


Founded Joyn

to help other communities scale





Co-Founders of Joyn:
Kendra & Larissa

We've always shared a passion for creating communities that provide a sense of belonging. In 2019, we decided to establish a mental health employee resource group at our prior company and ran into challenges surrounding how to get leadership buy-in, drive change from within, and the day-to-day operations of running an ERG on top of our jobs. We've felt like we were never able to do enough and build the community that we wanted.

This is why we decided to found Joyn, we want to enable other companies to build the communities they desire to increase employee engagement and belonging by providing their community leaders with resources and tools. 

Our Commitments


Build communities of support to uplift each other and provide meaningful connections.

Inclusion & Accessibility

Build an equitable company and platform of diverse backgrounds and identities.

Trust & Transparency

Approach everything we do with openness, honesty, empathy, and compassion.


Never lose sight of our employees, members, and why we started.
No matter what.

Ready to grow your community with us?